Ergonomics: What is it?

For the first time the name ergonomics is usedin 1857 by the Polish scientist Wojciech Jastrzebowski used. With him is ergonomics a “scientific approach … so that we reap from this life the best fruit on the slightest exertion of maximum satisfaction for their own and overall well …” (translation: K. Sowa and W. Laurig.)

Without knowledge of this Declaration from 1857 then the name is ergonomics as Ergonomics of KFH Murrell 1949 newly “invented” and of the English Ergonomics Research Society described in 1960 as:

Ergonomics ” explores the relationship between man and his work, the work equipment and the environment, in particular through the application of anatomical, physiological and psychological knowledge to the resulting problems ” (translation: W. Laurig)

The International Ergonomics Society (IEA) suggests 1960 for ergonomics following explanation:

Ergonomics ” is concerned with the optimization of performance, health, safety and comfort of the people as well as the optimization of the interacting components of the man-machine systems at work, at home and at play. ”

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